By: Luc Bouillon

Attention all dog owners Barrie's new dog wash station

Tags: Attention all dog owners Barries new dog wash station

I was out and about in our beautiful city today when I noticed something interesting and I just had to share it!
Now, I'm not entirely sure how long this has been there, but I've surely just noticed and I thought it was so cool.
It's a coin operated wash booth for your pet! Inside there's a stainless steel wash table, warm water, shampoo and a dryer.. There's an overhead light and its open 24/7. Just throw in a couple of bucks and give your four legged friend a top quality wash without the mess all over your bathroom!
What an neat idea?
This is the first thing of its kind I've ever seen, but I did a little digging and it turns out they are manufactured by a company called all paws pet wash and sold as a vending machine. Anyone can buy one and put it up as they see fit. This one is located at the self serve Barrie Classic Car Wash on Burton. I highly suggest you try it out, I know I will! And if you see anymore around town drop it's location in the comments below.